AquaFinesse Hot Tub Starter Kit

Ideal for 1 month of spa maintenance using choice of sanitizer. Contains: (1) 1 liter AquaFinesse hot tub solution, (2) Filter Cleaner tabs, manual

Kit box containing (1) 1 liter AquaFinesse hot tub solution, (2) Filter Cleaner tabs, manual

Should I choose Dichlor, Trichlor, or All Purpose (No santizer)?


Positives of the DiChlor (Dichloro-s-triazinetrione) Sanitizer:

  • Application of DiChlor Granules to water increases residual chlorine level required to kill pathogenic organisms in water.
  • It acts as an algaecide, as well as a sanitizer.
  • Usually 56% available chlorine.
  • Granular Form
  • EPA Registered in the United States

Our TriChlor Tablets are an EPA Registered sanitizer.  Trichlor is the most common sanitizer that many spa owners utilize the right choice for you.


Positives of the TriChlor (Trichloroisocyanuric Acid) Sanitizer.

    • It  has the highest chlorine content next to chlorine gas.
    • It is 90% available chlorine, and when tableted, the binders contain no sludge. So, all that is produced is a clean & clear chlorine solution.
    • Size of Tablets are 1” for an easy fit for your Hot Tub.
    • EPA Registered in the United States



Environmentally friendly, safe for your health and gentle to the skin.


The Technology

The water maintenance of hot tubs, spa’s and swimming pools is often difficult and complicated. Trying to balance pH, alkalinity and sanitiser is a daunting task for most people. AquaFinesse water treatment products simplify water maintenance, saving you precious time in the cleaning process.

Clean water

The water quality of the hot tub, spa’s or swimming pool is of paramount importance, not just for reasons of hygiene and safety, but also because proper water treatment extends the lifespan of your hot tub, spa or swimming pool. AquaFinesse water treatment applies a groundbreaking, proven  technology which addresses the living environment of the bacteria in your hot tub pool or spa water, reducing their numbers dramatically. Use AquaFinesse once a week and enjoy clean, crystal clear water, whilst preventing the re-growth of bacteria in your spa, hot tub or pool.

Green, healthy and certified.    

AquaFinesse is environmentally-friendly, safe, and kind to your skin. The pleasant scent in AquaFinesse originates from organic lavender grown in the French country side. Aquafinesse water treatment products have been tested and certified  by a multitude of independent testing organisations around the world.