AquaFinesse Swim Spa Water Care box

The first water treatment product made especially for Swim Spas!

A swim spa – is it a small pool or a big hot tub? It’s neither.

A Swim Spa presents it’s own unique water treatment challenges and AquaFinesse is the first to design a product to meet those challenges.

Because of the water temperature, larger surface area and exercising that occurs in a swim spa, biofilm build up, water mold and pink slime are common problems in Swim Spas. AquaFinesse will address these problems head-on.

Like all AquaFinesse products, The Swim Spa Water Care System is simple and easy to use, providing safe, clean, crystal clear and silk soft water.

How to use SWIM SPA WATER CARE: It’s Easy!

You don’t need any special preparation for your swim spa before starting with AquaFinesse for the first time. Just follow these simple steps and you’re ready to go.


Swim Spa water care made easy!


So there you have it:

The perfect all in one solution. Safe, clean and crystal clear water which protects the bathers, the environment and even the swim spa itself. Say yes to softer, purer water and a cleaner relaxation environment.

The AquaFinesse Swim Spa water care box ( +/- 6 months water care) contains:

  • 20 – AquaFinesse Swim Spa Tablets
  • 1 – 10 Pack of AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner Tablets
  • 1 – bundle of Test Strips
  • 1 –  user manual.