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Mr. D Cockerill

Excellent product which allows those with sensitive skin to enjoy the hot tub. Simple to use liquid comes with its own measuring container making sanitising easy.


Mrs. Girdlestone

What a great product easy to use and gentle on the skin thankyou


The Brookfield family

Dear AquaFinesse,
Thank you so much for taking the time to explain and answer my questions.
Your explanation was very clear and very helpfull.
As I said before I love Aqua Finesse for the crystal clear water, the soft non chlorine smell on our skin, the easy once weekly application but more so because of its environmental friendly.
My young grandson has extremely bad eczema with no bad effect after using the spa and this product was oneof the reasons we use and love it.

Thank you once again

Kind regards,
The Brookfield family , Scotland


Mr Roger, Narberth

Having terrible trouble stabilising the water in my hot tub in the past I was delighted to have found your product.

I have now been using Aquafinesse for the past 2 years and find it a completely simple and trouble free product which keeps the water clear at all times, my family and I are delighted with AquaFinesse.


Woody Heller

Dear AquaFinesse,

I tried my spa for the first time last weekend after using AquaFinesse and it was fantastic! The water didn’t smell of chlorine, it didn’t dry out my skin, and I didn’t even feel like I had to shower off after being in the tub. I stayed in the tub twice as long as I normally would have because the experience of using the spa was so much more enjoyable. Thank you very much introducing me to the product, and for all the helpful information you gave me that encouraged me to try it.


Joan Sena Charlotte USA

HI AquaFinesse Team! Just a big thank you for helping me get started with Aquafinesse.

This is a great product!! I’ve noticed a big change in the way my hot tub runs now. Its so clean and clear. I don’t have to rub down the sides every week from the scum that accumulated with my other product. And the bubbles on top of the water now are AIR bubbles – not product. Thanks again. And I really hope there is a distributor in Charlotte soon.Have a great weekend.


Remco Walstijn, The Netherlands

Dear aquafinesse,

Before I bought my Spa 2 years ago i read through all maintenance methods and tips.I decided to go for aquafinesse because it’s easy to use and does not require frequent checks and additional maintenance to keep the water quality perfectly.

Once i started using it, I loved it. No chlorine smell, soft water, soft for the skin and indeed easy to use/dose.Service and aftersales also is perfectly. I have had contact with aquafinesse a couple of times because I had some questions regarding the aquafinesse product itself and some other aquafinesse products (eg the Spa Clean puck).They answered, advised swiftly and helped me out with a water problem i caused myself. I can recommend the aquafinesse products to anyone!


Geoff Gritton. Brightlingsea Essex

Dear AquaFinesse ,

I just thought it was about time that I dropped you a congratulatory note about your product. When I first bought my hot tub I found it all quite confusing at having to balance different levels and different amounts of this sort of chemical and that sort of chemical…dipping in a piece of paper to tell me whether it was safe to get into or NOT…and then there was the rotting bathing costumes….so what was it doing to my skin? Then a bit like the sun poking through the clouds after a heavy rain I discovered Aquafinesse and for the last 3 years I have NOT looked back. All I do is put in the required amount on a weekly basis and ONE chlorine tablet and I get soft water and no rotting bathing costumes. After about one month ALL of the scale had gone and the jets felt stronger and more powerful. I only change my water twice a year now as the water remains SO clear. You can see the bubbles floating on the top of the water and I NEVER get any foaming. I cannot understand why anyone would use any other product. When I order more product it arrives within 24 hours. So nice to use a product that lives up to what the marketing people say it will do. So 3 years on and my tub and the jets are still as good as the day I bought it.Thanks for a great product.


Roger Olson Irvine, CA

Dear AquaFinesse,Thanks to you and your team for helping me kick the bromine habit in my spa. When I purchased my spa in May of 2002, it was a floor sample 2001 model. The sales people recommended using bromine and other supportive chemicals in maintaining purification of my spa. But after I experienced bromine, I started researching water care alternatives because I wanted to rid my spa of harsh chemicals and improve the spa’s longevity and maintenance.During the AquaFinesse reconditioning period, it was worth the effort to change and/or clean filters daily. I was amazed at the amounts of chemical break down that took place over the following weeks. Even though the water was a little cloudy, it wasn’t harmful and I was able to use the spa during the entire time. What I noticed immediately was the wonderful difference of the Aqua Finesse product. My spa water felt so smooth, soft and clean without any offensive odor. Now my water is always crystal clear, squeaky clean and odor free! Maintenance is extremely low and easy-just rinse the filter every 7 days, add Aqua Finesse once a week and drain spa when necessary. It just could not be any easier! Again, my wife and I thank you for getting us off the harsh chemical water maintenance and onto the pure pleasure of the refreshing Aqua Finesse System.


Linda Korolus

Bought my hot tub in April this year. All my friends and family enjoy using it, being in southern Spain the weather is hot so we often get in covered in sun tan lotion. For the first few months I found it very difficult to keep the water clear and keep the correct chemical balance. By July I wondered If I had done the right thing buying a hot tub, it was driving me mad trying to keep the water clear and clean. Then I started using Aquafinesse. For the first few days the water was a bit cloudy, but ever since then it has stayed crystal clear and soft. Even the scum lines have stopped forming around the water line. Its also so easy to use. I would strongly recommend this product to any hot tub owner


Rob and Aleid Kranenburg

Dear Team Aquafinesse, We’ve owned a spa for a few years now and from the get-go we loved it. We had however no idea what is involved in keeping the spa clean and fresh. We bought all kinds of chemicals to do the job. Then we read about your product and to be honest, it sounded too good to be true. So with just a little trepidation we made the switch to Aquafinesse. We are flabbergasted. Not only did we create a great deal of shelf space because we got rid of all those bottles and replaced it with the one bottle from Aquafinesse, but also our spa smells better and takes a lot less time and effort to keep clean and fresh. Even the cleaning of the filter is much easier. In short: we are thrilled and want to thank you for this wonderful product.


Prof. Dr. Rosina Jones – St. Aigulin, France

We purchased a hot-tub in March and after several weeks I had to stop enjoying it, as my eczema flared up every time I went in it. I had to assume it was the effect of the chlorine and other chemicals, as in the past public swimming pools had created such a reaction. On recommendation from our spa supplier I contacted AquaFinesse and had the product shipped to us in France. After only two weeks my eczema has settled down to the point of having disappeared. It is better than it has ever been. We are enjoying our spa every day and can only recommend this product to others. It is simple to use and puts an end to constant chemical controlling and intervention.


Gary and Gail McGinnis

We are writing this letter to let you know how impressed we have been with the Aquafinesse product. For years, we have used several different brands of chemicals fot our jacuzzi. We were never sure if we were adding the right amount or the right products. With Aquafinesse, there’s no wondering if we’ve added the right amount.

The water had been clear and there’s no smell. After finding out how easy it is to do, I convinced my mom to use it in her spa. She loves it and thanks us for telling her about it!



Dear Aqua Finesse supplier,I have been advised your product for my SPA, as I had so much troubles in keeping the water clean. I have bought and used several products and have tested the water a lot of times, but I had never been satisfied until I had used Aqua Finesse !It is easy to use, just add one time per week and after some advices of the very kind account manager of Aqua Finesse I have succeeded in keeping the water clean ! It is clear and feels soft on your skin and doesn’t smell like chlorine.It looks like blue seawater and feels nice on your skin and easy to apply ! I highly recommend Aqua Finesse to future users !Thanks Aqua Finesse for this great product !!! Kind regards, Monique van Rijbroek


Miss F Edwards, Lichfield Staffs UK

We have found it to be a great product – very easy to use and crystal clear water. A very low maintenance product – no need for water testing and balancing chemicals – everything is done for you. Highly recommended!


Joanna & Carl

We have been using aqua finesse since we had our tub in September last year, we find the products easy and extremely convenient to use, They keep our tub water crystal clean and safe. An inexpensive and reliable product.


Paul Langley

I have been using Aquafinesse for 18 months now and it really is the easiest way to keep the water clear and sparkling without all that tiresome separate chemical and testing nonsense!! Thanks!


Gord Wood

AquaFinesse – unique & outstanding product. No more stinky or having a shower after using my spa.To put it in simply: It works great!


Ton M.

” I Highly recommend AquaFinesse…. without reservation !!!”


Dr. Nick Dansie

Dear AquaFinesse team,Thank you for providing me with more aquafinesse for the hot tub…I have to say its been a revelation…no more testing the water/no chlorine stench/much more pleasant spa environment/and minimal input with only x1 weekly treatment. My wife and I are absolutely delighted with the product.